This is to help answer any questions you may have during the sign up process.

Your Username is what you'll use to log into your site.

Your Email Address is needed to send you your password, and this is the email address used throughout the site - and used to send responses to any forms you create on your site.

Your Site is a temporary URL.  The easiest thing is to type in your organization name.  For example, if your organization is "North Greece Fire Department", you could type that (though it's lengthy), or you could type NGFD.  Your URL would be to access your site.  If you have a domain that you'd like to use (we recommend to have one, and we can help you with this is you don't already have one), we will update your site after getting set up.  Once we link your domain to the site, you'd be able to access your new NevTec EMS site via your custom domain.

For Site Title, enter your organization name.  Following the same example, we would type "North Greece Fire Department".

For most purposes, you'd want to keep the Privacy option set to yes.  If you're not sure, don't change this option.

Once you fill out this form, your site will be reserved. The next screen will have credit card and PayPal payment options. Once you've successfully paid, you'll be able to log in and start adding content to your new site! You'll receive an email from us with a welcome kit and documentation on how to administer your site, as well as using our custom-built widgets. When you're ready to show your site to the world, we'll link your domain to your NevTec EMS site.

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    • Newsletter Mailing
    • Collect Donations
    • Staging Site
    • Forum
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    . A saving of
    by paying for 12 months in advance.